• Double 9 Dominoes

L55402 Double 9 Dominoes

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A great family favourite, Double 9 Dominoes! Easy and engaging to play this Double 9 Dominoes set comes complete with instructions on several games to play including family favourite, Chickenfoot, which will have everyone, young and old, crowing to play again and again! To play, players lay down dominoes to form three pronged ‘chicken’ feet, making for fun and unpredictable patterns! Game rules for other family favourites such as Muggings, 42, Moon and Castle Rock are also included. Packaged in a bright tin, this dominoes game is great entertainment for the whole family to play at home or on your travels. The high-quality dominoes with brightly coloured dots with fun games play, make a great gift for any domino player. Suitable for 1 to 4 players age 8 years and over.


Product Code: L55402

Age Range: For age 8 years and over

Weight: 940 g

Product Dimensions: 190 × 115 × 470 mm

Pack size:




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