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  • 6403 Ping Pong

    A great gift for all ages. This table tennis set contains two bats, a ball and net with suction pads to set up a table tennis tournament in any location.
  • 6309 Rubber Band-Powered Spitfire (Display of 10)

    This classic British plane takes less than 10 mminutes to build and provides hours of flying fun. Simply wind up the propellor and watch it go. Not just for children – we know more than a few parents and grandparents who love this too!
  • 6446 Paper Planes Kit

    Have fun seeing who can fold an aeroplane and fly it furthest in just 60 seconds! This kit comes complete with 60 paper planes – 3 each of 20 different designs. A great gift for kids of all ages!
  • 6181 Glow-In-The-Dark Galaxy Of Stars

    Perpetually popular glow-in-the-dark stars. Each vintage-inspired box contains 42 glow stars in two different sizes along with adhesive stickers.
  • 6416 Spy Kit

    The ultimate espionage kit with an invisible pen and UV torch (incorporated into the pen lid). Write secret messages with the pen and shine the torch to reveal the message. Two decoder rings to send and decipher messages and a pair of rear-vision glasses are also included.
  • 6407 Cat’s Cradle

    A playground classic which includes the string and instructions to play cat’s cradle and various other games.
  • 6452 Tabletop Air Hockey

    A tabletop version of the popular arcade game including two goals with suction cups, 2 paddles and a hovering puck. A fabulous gift for tricky-to-buy-for teenagers.
  • 6305 Potato Zapper (Display of 24)

    Good old-fashioned harmless fun; with over 300 shots from a single potato, you can fire away all day! Our top seller in the Vintage Planet range and we know as many big kids who would love to receive this as a present too!
  • 6314 Practical Jokes

    Great fun for every prankster, this amusing kit contains fake scratch cards, a fake parking ticket, whoopee cushion, fake jelly tongue and selfie splash phone.
  • 6316 Harmonica (Display of 12)

    A full-sized harmonica, beautifully finished with chrome covered plates for hours of musical fun. Includes music for Moon River, On Top of Old Smokey and others to start making marvellous music.