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  • 4258 A Question of Sport – Sports Trivia Game

      ARRIVING IN APRIL   A brilliant new sports inspired board game for the whole family to enjoy. With 350 questions written by the BBC writers of the show, players have to become the champion by answering questions while completing either phyisical or mental challenges. Excellent family fun and the perfect gift for any sports enthusiast.
  • 4250 A Question of Sport Sporting Facts (Display of 18)

      ARRIVING IN APRIL   A fabulous collection of brand new sporting trivia. With content from writers of the BBC’s longest running sports quiz these are guaranteed to entertain and amaze. Titles include Spectacular Sports Facts, Fantastic Football Facts and Gripping Golf Facts. A great gift for tricky-to-buy-for teenagers.
  • 4255 A Question of Sport Home or Away Game

      ARRIVING IN APRIL   A brilliant new sporting trivia quiz inspired by the iconic round in A Question of Sport. Earn one point for an easy Home question or three points for a tricky Away question.
  • 4256 A Question of Sport Mystery Guest Game

      ARRIVING IN APRIL   The ultimate guessing game. From one of the most popular rounds in A Question of Sport, players have to guess the sporting personality from three given clues in this fabulous new game. Players can earn extra points for themselves and their team by guessing with fewer clues.
  • 4257 A Question of Sport Sprint Finish Game

      ARRIVING IN APRIL   The spectacular sporting charades game inspired by the famous round in A Question of Sport, players have to act out as many sporting terms as possible in the given time limit in this hysterical new game.