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  • 5642 The Alphabet Game

      ARRIVING LATE APRIL 2020   A hilarious fast-paced categories game with a twist. Includes subject cards, trick cards and a few blank ones to personalise. If a player cannot complete their round they must select a trick card for the next round. Guaranteed to get every player laughing!
  • 5643 Name Three

      ARRIVING LATE APRIL 2020   A fast-paced board game where every answer comes in a 3! Players make their way across the board by answering a name three question and can move one space forward for answering an easy question correctly, 2 for a medium and 3 spaces forward for a hard question. Brilliant fun for the whole family.
  • 5646 The Celebrity Name Game

      ARRIVING LATE APRIL 2020   A gre Presented in a sparkling gold tin, this eye-catching game is also known as The Colander Game, The Hat Game and the Celebrity Game. Players need to put the names of famous people into a colander, hat or gold tin, and then take turns to act, speak or mime clues. Hilarious fun for the whole family.
  • 5647 IQ Brain Training

      ARRIVING LATE APRIL 2020   Featuring more than 100 puzzles, this is the perfect game for a cerebral workout and for players to test their intelligence against the clock. Great for players aged 10+.
  • 5648 What Did You Say? The Whisper Challenge

      ARRIVING LATE APRIL 2020   A great, new game for hours of family fun. One player places a pair of the ear plugs in their ears and their teammates have to read out funny phrases for them to try to decipher. Each player in each team has a go with the ear plugs and the team with the most correct guesses of the phrases wins!
  • 5344 What Am I?

    Stock this game and families around the country will soon be switching off their TVs and tablets to guess what the other players are thinking in 20 questions of fewer. A family classic and firm Lagoon favourite.
  • 5347 Stiff Upper Lip

    Hold up your moustache and guess your identity in this amusing Who Am I? inspired game with a hairy twist.
  • 5354 Reverse Charades

    The classic game of charades with an unexpected twist – all the players except one have to act out the film, book, landmark or action to one player. A great game to get everyone involved and for stupendous family fun.
  • 5359 Right Royal True Or False

    A fun, regal true or false style quiz where players need to battle it out to see who knows the most about the royal family by reading out statements to decipher the real from the pretend and the fact from fiction! A great game for family nights in and parties.
  • 5358 Couples Quiz

    A hilarious game for players to find out how well they really know their other half. Couples must battle it out to find out who knows each other best and who will face a forfeit. This game can either be played one against one or couples can complete against other couples to see which couple will be crowned the champion. A bestseller since it arrived!
  • 5342 True or False

    With new and updated content this is a great game for family nights and parties. One player reads out a statement and the others must decide if it is the truth or a lie, fact or fiction, true or false. A Lagoon best-seller!
  • 6232 Mancala

    One of the world’s oldest known games, enjoyed from Ancient Egypt to modern day this timeless wooden strategy game is an elegant coffee table classic. Made of New Zealand Pine
  • 6110 Vintage Family Games

    Three great vintage games in one pack – Hearts, Crazy Eights and Rummy. Not just classic but designed to guarantee hours of entertainment.
  • 6120 Classic Family Games

    A nostalgic recreation of kids card games from yesteryear. With three games in one pack – Snap, Happy Families and Old Maid – they’re incredible value for money!
  • 6100 Family Card Games

    A fabulous collection of family-favourites. With three classic card games in each pack, they’re incredible value for money with hours of entertainment guaranteed from every pack.